Trump’s White House is on Fire! Or, is it? The Big Putin/Trump connection

Photo credit to The New Yorker

Today marks a special day in US politics… It’s the day that all hell broke loose in the White House! Not just any shitty day, a day we may look back on in awe for generations! After months and months of the rest of the world saying a collective “What the Fuck!?” that Trump was elected, then putting together an administration that resembles a script of a made for TV movie (ultra-right wing Nazis, extremist Christians,  and Russians); we are finally seeing a story develop that makes it all make sense…And it’s  even better than House of Cards!

The New Yorker published an incredibly detailed article of a RECORDED phone conversation between their journalist (Ryan Lizza) and the newly hired White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci in what many are describing as a cocaine fueled rage at all his enemies within the upper ranks of Trump’s administration!

It is nothing short of amazing! I did not think I’d ever see a more interwoven group of people involved in what is more than likely going to come out as the FBI gets closer to the truth; and that is “Trump (with Putin) and his administration were successfully able to take over the Republican Party, win the US election, and attempt to get Russian sanctions lifted that directly froze the western assets of Vladimir Putin.”

At least, this is what has come to light TODAY through the testimony of Bill Browder to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is unbelievable testimony as to the incredible back story on why Russia meddled in the US elections. I really suggest you read the article posted at The Atlantic today. This isn’t the plot of a best selling work of fiction folks. This is actual testimony of an individual that worked directly with the US Senate since 2010 specifically involving the murder of his investigative lawyer, Putin, the Russian ultra-wealthy, and potentially Trump’s family.

Photo credit to The Atlantic

As the article goes on to describe, Putin has slowly been stripping the wealthy Russian oligarchs of their stolen assets that were uncovered when Russian stocks and other investments were found to have been liquidated. Putin allegedly struck a deal with Russia’s elite to keep 50% of the assets once it was unearthed. He publicly showed off the power he had in the courts by trying Russia’s wealthiest oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky by dragging him off his private jet and placing him in a cell on TV for the rest of Russia’s wealthy to see.

One particular investigator into the alleged thefts of Russian shares was Sergei Magnitsky. He was subsequently murdered by the Russian government while in their custody.

But in 2012, Obama put in the The Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act to freeze the western assets related to these crimes. Putin retaliated by banning Russian adoptions to Americans. And what was discussed recently between Donald Trump Jr and his 4 Russian guests for the now infamous meeting? Russian ‘adoptions’.

Honestly, I can’t do it justice to highlight this story. You just need to read the full testimony. It is amazing…

Bill Browder’s testimony cuts directly to the heart of corruption in the Trump administration. They are pro-Putin, quite possibly put there with his assistance. And they are trying to lift the Russian sanctions that have directly affected Putin.

And the very same day, the one week old Communications Director (that Spicer resigned over) goes on an insane tirade ON THE RECORD with a journalist from The New Yorker. Was that planned to be the big story today? How much was Scaramucci paid to essentially commit career suicide to distract from damning testimony that links Trump’s administration to Putin?

All I know, is that I’d love to be a fly on the wall tonight in The White House

What a day in international politics!!!