Do we really understand gravity? Physicists think, maybe…

NGC 3021 Hubble
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I wasn’t smart enough to really ‘get’ physics. Or maybe, I didn’t have the time to dedicate to trying to understand physics. Either way, it doesn’t matter too much, because I love it even if I don’t quite understand it!

I think that scientists that ponder and try to solve the mysteries of the universe are some of the coolest people on the planet! Really, I do.

Back before reality TV was popular, networks tried to gain viewers with ‘content’, and I watched documentaries, and science shows all the time. Today, I subscribe to a bunch of RSS feeds from science oriented blogs and sites like National Geographic and Scientific American. I came across another fascinating article on the current debate on why the universe is actually speeding up instead of slowing down like scientists have theorized all along.

The two current ideas floating around in space(pun intended), is that we either don’t really understand gravity like we thought we do, or that there is dark matter that rules the universe. And, that we just can’t see it, hence the name ‘dark matter’.

If you like reading articles about this kind of stuff like me, read on…

What goes up must come down. Few on Earth would argue with the fundamental law of gravity. But today the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three scientists who uncovered a dark side of the force.

New Nobel laureates Saul Perlmutter and Adam Riess of the U.S. and Brian Schmidt of Australia contributed to the discovery that the universe is not only expanding but also speeding up.

The finding led to the now widely accepted theory of dark energy, a mysterious force that repels gravity. Measurements show that dark energy accounts for about 74 percent of the substance of the universe.

But more than a decade after the Nobel-worthy find, scientists are still trying to pin down exactly what dark energy is and and thus solve what some experts call “the most profound problem” in modern physics.

via Physics Nobel Explainer: Why Is Expanding Universe Accelerating?.


Science Rules! Bill Nye the Science Guy says so…

I just love Bill Nye. He was on Fox News not too long ago trying to talk about the importance of studying the moon. The Fox reporter tried to pipe in about the ‘big debate’ on earth about global warming, so Bill Nye took him to task!

If I had a million dollars, I’d go back to school and just study science for a living! As Bill Nye puts it, “science is truth”.

Here is the clip for you to enjoy…

Canadian Science minister won’t confirm belief in evolution

The mechanisms behind evolution
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Our Canadian federal Minister of State for Science and Technology is an idiot.

Recently when asked to clarify if he believes in evolution, he refused to answer the question because he is a christian. To say this is troubling is an understatement! The federal Minister in charge of funding for sciences thinks that evolution is a religious belief instead of the basis for life on the planet and modern-day medicine. Good thing they didn’t ask him if he thought the sun revolved around the earth like it says in the bible. Or, if he thinks snakes can talk like it says in Genesis. Good thing he doesn’t believe in fairy tales, eh? Oh, wait a minute. He does…

What kind of leadership can our country have when the Prime Minister of Canada appoints a right-wing evangelist to head the advancement of scientific knowledge in this country? I really hope we get a less right-wing, religious group in power in this country and have the pendulum swing back to reality…

Science minister won’t confirm belief in evolution – ANNE MCILROY – The Globe and Mail –

Wednesday’s Top 5 Best Things of the Day

  1. Let’s start out the day with my love for magnets! They rock. Are they magic? No, of course not. They are some sort of scientific mojo. My kind of thing…Here are a few people’s reply to what magnets are and how they workHere is the real answer.
  2. Men and women are quite different. That is clear. Men think about sex every 6 seconds or so, and women, I have yet to figure that out. Here is a great video about the differences between the opposite sexes! It is very well done, and quite adorable…One of the best things I saw today…
  3. I love Microsoft bashing. Today, I enjoyed reading a huge issue that McAfee had with Windows users. The article is called: Why switch to Linux or a Mac? I know I felt a great sense of relief years ago when I did…
  4. I as so happy that I FINALLY got started on organizing my office space! OK, I got all my crap in one place now, and it is a work in progress, but I started… Yay me.
  5. Finally, I have a love for Linux, and so does this guy…Maybe he will convince you to download Ubuntu 10.04
  6. I just had to add #6! I love geeky technology, and this hacked thinking electro-shock gadget is awesome! Just don’t think…

Random Pictures of the day

Hey all! I have been a little light on full blog posts but have been enjoying Stumbleupon and have a few more pictures, comics, etc… to share with you.

The 6 Coolest Things You Can Do With Your Dead Body

I don’t know about you, but I really haven’t figured out what I want to happen to my body once I die. I guess that it is something you think about as you age, or has been decided for you if you are in a religious cult. The two most common decisions that are made are cremation, or casket! There are other options out there though.display2

Once all my useful organs are donated then, I have toyed with donating my body to science, and even joked about leaving my body out for the vultures to eat like the monks in Tibet do. Hopefully I have another 50+ years to think about it! Here are a couple of new ideas for people like me, that are undecided…

[From The 6 Coolest Things You Can Do With Your Dead Body |]

Lame ‘studies’ said smoking used to be good for you?

Science(or more accurately pseudo-science) can be used or manipulated to push the craziest things! Here is an entertaining page with advertisements touting the healthy smoker’s lifestyle. Almost everyone of the ads seems to be recommended by your trusting dentist or doctor.

[From Back when smoking was healthy.] shows just how pseudo-science happens…


On to real science…

I have written in the past about the metric system(check it out here!). Here is a well written article on why the whole world(including the USA) needs to be on the same page.

[From ยป The Magic of Metric Rocket Scientist]

Lastly, is a story on a new discovery that may one day turn sunlight + water into energy! Kind of cool.

[From Scientists Use A New Catalyst To Generate Hydrogen From Sunlight And Water | Device Daily