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Hey all! I have been a little light on full blog posts but have been enjoying Stumbleupon and have a few more pictures, comics, etc… to share with you.


Xenu is the secret Scientology doesn’t want out!

It has been a while since I talked about Scientology, and the infamous story of Xenu! The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard made this shit up, packaged it for a price(like any good multi-level marketing scam), and then claimed it was true. So, now it is a secret that must not get out! Too bad the Internet happened… Now Scientology is a laughing stock. It doesn’t help that Tom Cruise is one of it’s leaders! Read the whole thing! It is fucking hilarious! Continue reading “Xenu is the secret Scientology doesn’t want out!”

George Bush is a war criminal and he knows it

Prayer rooms look to be popular perks of the job! I want a gaming and beer drinking room…I hope I never see this in Canada! Why the hell do people feel the need to pray at work?

[From National Secular Society – Suddenly, prayer rooms are “essential” at work]

It looks like President Bush is trying to save his ass for being tried for war crimes! Here is a CNN report. WTF? Is the report more shocking, or that I am quoting CNN????Don’t you find it ironic that though he denies any war crimes, he is trying to pass a bill in Congress to protect himself from being tried for war crimes? Me too…He knows that he is in shit.

You know about my feelings towards Scientology. I think it is quite a crazy cult with lots of celebs in it. Well, it turns out that Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, Nicole Kidman hates scientology too! Here is a story on why she named her baby Sunday Rose

Ben Stein’s Expelled and Scientology are both deceptive

I used to think Ben Stein was an intelligent guy. But he has lost my respect, and that of the entire scientific community. He was interviewed by Scientific American about his propaganda film, Ben Stein’s Expelled:No Intelligence Allowed. Click the link to read on…

[From Ben Stein’s Expelled Exposed: Scientific American]

Another deceptive group out there is the cult of Scientology. There is quite a movement going on to expose their lies. And it looks like their founder L. Ron Hubbard, lied a bit too! Here is a Top 5 list compiled by Cracked.com

[From L. Ron Hubbard’s 5 Most Impressive Lies (Besides Scientology) | Cracked.com]

Some high profile people have left the Scientology cult, and are speaking out. Not without some problems mind you! Here is the YouTube channel with one outspoken dissident speaking out. Good Luck!!

Bush apologies for Soldier shooting Quran

I find this appalling! Not the soldier for shooting a copy of the Quran(what’s the big deal?), but that George Bush is apologizing for the incident. Bush doesn’t apologize for soldiers shooting people in Iraq, but for shooting a book. Give me a break!!! So if I understand the logic, this book (which apparently is important to Muslims) is so important that it must be protected, but the innocent citizens of Iraq can be bombed, shot, tortured, and raped by US soldiers. What of the problem of citizens carrying the Quran while being shot? I say this not be funny, but I find George Bush to be a complete hypocrite. What a minute, I already knew that…

[From Newsvine – Bush calls Iraqi PM over Quran shooting]

Over at friendlyatheist.com, is a good collection of atheist symbols. Go Flying Spaghetti Monster Go!!!

[From Friendly Atheist » A Collection of Atheist Symbols]

And things aren’t any better in the UK. Some teen is up on charges for calling Scientology a Cult! It is a cult, what’s the problem. On top of calling Scientology a “name”, what about the right to free speech? Since when does calling someone or something a name constitute police action? Is it April Fool’s Day today or something? Seems to be an odd day indeed…

[From Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology ‘cult’ | UK news | guardian.co.uk]

The USA loves to lock people up

I find it shocking and amazing that the USA has only about 5% of the earth’s population, but almost 25% of the earth’s prisoners. Can you believe that? What are all these people doing wrong?

[From Inmate Count in U.S. Dwarfs Other Nations’ – New York Times]

You would think that after a recent gallop poll on the opinion of US citizens that the majority of prisoners would be atheists and scientologists. They hate them!!!

Americans Have Net-Positive View of U.S. Catholics and hate atheists

Religion makes perfect sense, as the following comic from Rudis Muiznieks over at cectic.com indicates…


Scientology explained on South Park

I have found out that wordpress.com doesn’t currently support metacafe embedded video. You will have to click the link provided below to check out this hilarious vid! Sorry, but the extra click is well worth it!

Southpark Vs Scientology - The most amazing bloopers are here