Why Google+ and Facebook are wrecking the Internet

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I came across a fantastic article over at readwriteweb.com about why Google+(and Facebook for that matter) is ruining the Internet as we know it. Found it on Twitter of all places…

I’m not a tech insider, and don’t pretend to know how the inter-web works. I have reactions to new services like most people and hope they improve how we all communicate and collaborate online. When Google+ first came out, I took it as a Facebook competitor that was going to be there as a social tool to share content, pictures, and updates with who you wanted. What I didn’t see coming was how it became a replacement for content. Continue reading “Why Google+ and Facebook are wrecking the Internet”


Could you live without the internet? Is it making us dumberer?

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I am an internet junkie. I fully admit it. One day I may just have to go to an IA meeting. You know, Internet‘s Anonymous. haha. There are many debates about the benefits of global and instant communication and whether it improves the lives of people. Very similar to our parents and their parents before them with TV, radio, and telephones.

With such a huge shift in the way people communicate and gather information, how would you adapt if the internet didn’t exist anymore? With Egypt pulling the plug on its citizens last week, the threats of making governments accountable through Wikileaks cables, censorship, bandwidth throttling, etc…, there is always a threat looming that one day the internet may disappear, whether by governments in power, or more nefarious means(anonymous, hackers, terrorists, etc…).

I argue that the world would be a more oppressive and closed society without the internet. It has advanced to the point where essentially most of the world’s population can gain some access. As a global community, the internet is a way to keep regimes accountable, question globalization, see the effects of economic decisions on 3rd world countries, not to mention as a counter-balance to the Corporate run news agencies that tend to pick a side and not report both sides of the story. All good right?

But, when we rely on the internet to educate ourselves, we are missing an important step in progress. Time. The time it takes to problem solve, to form an opinion, read a book, physically or mechanically try and try again, work out a puzzle. We are becoming a society of instant gratification and instant answers, instant fast food. We simply look up the solution to the problem online. We don’t have to think or work it out!

To top it off,  the answers are fed to us by large US companies(Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) looking to make money, mostly through advertisers trying to convince us to buy their stuff. In the span of a couple of generations, we are losing the skills passed down generation by generation because we can just go and look it up, or buy it. What happens then, when you can’t look it up anymore? Just a thought.

Here is a good article on the study of why the internet makes us stupid. Enjoy. Now, put down the computer and go do something…Can’t find anything to do? Well, I guess just Google it…