Today’s rant – Walmart!

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This evening I went to my local Walmart to pick up a new car seat. It was on sale(oops, sorry, rollback) and my wife had it put aside early in the day.

I went to the part of the store holding the item, and the lady there was very nice. She asked what my wife’s name was so as to make sure it went to the right person. She was quite friendly and I appreciated that she cared enough to check it was going to the right husband.

I then went up to pay for the item. Once again, quick service, and a friendly lady helped me out. As she handed me my receipt however, she says, “Hold onto this as your item my beep when you leave”.

Walmart has one of those systems at their exits that alert the staff if someone is trying to steal a more expensive item. A lot of items have security tags that need to be disabled or the system goes off.

Knowing how they work, I decided to deal with it before getting through and triggering the alarms. I went up to two staff members manning the exit area, and showed them the receipt. I said, “here’s my receipt as the lady at the til said this might beep”. They didn’t bother to grab my receipt, but said OK. I assumed that meant, OK thanks for showing us. Instead what it meant was they were too lazy to do anything.

So, I turned and walked towards the exit doors. The alarms went off. No surprise there. I just kept walking. Then, I hear in a loud voice, “Sir, stop there”. I turn around as one of the two ladies I had approached earlier was running, yes running, towards me.

She asks for my receipt. Now I’m a bit pissed. I asked, “why did you stop me?”. She says because they have to make sure people aren’t stealing the item. Eluding to the fact that maybe I stole the car seat. She takes my receipt, leaves with it and starts entering stuff on a computer in the store. Leaving me to stand there by the exit like a tool. She brings back this wand, and scans for the security tag. This has now taken me a couple of minutes. She is still holding onto my receipt.

So I say, “why wasn’t this dealt with at the time I purchased the seat?”. She says, “It’ll just be a moment while I get a number.” I ask her for my receipt back so I can leave. She says it will only take another moment. I say, “Now you are wasting my time!” I’m getting angry now…

She hands me back my receipt once the wand beeps, says nothing, and I leave.

It’s been about an hour since then, and I am still fuming. Why?

Because I did all the right things. I bought the item. I showed my receipt. And, I didn’t ignore the lady as she was running towards me.

But looking back, I think I should have just ignored her and kept walking. They had no reason to stop me. I bought the item.

I hate feeling like a thief in front of people. Today, shopping at Walmart, I felt dirty. Like I stooped to a low in order to get a good deal. And for that rollback, I rolled back my rights, and allowed them to treat me like a crook.

I hate you Walmart.

Sorry, had to get this off my chest. Feel better already!


Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have ‘Nothing to Hide’

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I like my privacy. Most of you do too. However, most times the first thing people throw in your face when you complain about phones tracking your every move, governments reading your emails, or Google getting to know everything about you, is that if you are doing nothing wrong, why worry? Only criminals should worry, right?

Finally someone has written a fantastic article on why the nothing-to-hide argument is flawed and should be challenged…It’s a great read. We must push back and say that our freedom and our privacy are the cornerstones of democracy. Enjoy the read. The link is at the bottom of the post… Continue reading “Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have ‘Nothing to Hide’” Security Incident

Image via Wikipedia has posted a news release about a major security breach on their servers. Click the link below and read the details.

Security Incident — Blog —

They have suggested that you/me, make sure our passwords are randomized and we use a service like Lastpass.

I do, but I am still going to go and change my password for safety sake…