Blogging Needs to be Easy. And Google+ makes it that way…

Over the years, I’ve had ebbs and flows of creativity and have ridden the waves of social media much like everyone else. In 2011 I signed up for the Post-a-Day Challenge and managed to do a blog post every day of the year. It was the most successful year for visitors I have had. But, alas, it was not sustainable… Continue reading “Blogging Needs to be Easy. And Google+ makes it that way…”


In choosing to blog daily, look to these 9 tips for help!

I am still debating whether I will attempt another year of blogging daily. If I do, these 9 tips from ProBlogger will surely help! Click through at the bottom to go into the full fledged tips!

  1. Write short, snappy content

  2. Use guest posts

  3. Write daily

  4. Write from the heart

  5. Repurpose your content

  6. Carry a notebook everywhere, and become a keen observer

  7. Use your time wisely

  8. Stay inspired

  9. Love what you do

Looking at the list, I’d say that I’ve become a keen observer. I love to find funny sign mistakes, and odd sights. About 1/2 way through the year, I started posting a Photo of the Day. Keeping a post short and sweet keeps the pressure off as well, and surprisingly, I’ve gained the most followers on the days I kept my posts short and sweet!

The bottom line is to love what you do, and blog about what you love! There is nothing worse than being forced to write about topics you find boring!

I’ve followed Problogger on Twitter for a while now, and today’s tips are just a small snippet of the excellent content over there.

via 9 Steps to a Daily Blogging Schedule.

Facebook update may be the boost Google+ needed

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Today Facebook made a load of changes and re-vamped their site. There has been quite an uproar from users all over the Interwebitubes all day, with a distinct focus on people getting fed up and looking at other options in social media. The big winner of the day has got to be Google+…

I’m not much for anecdotal evidence, but my little circle of friends(all 2 of them)started signing up this evening. I’ve had more conversations with people on Google+ tonight than the entire time I’ve been signed up! Now I don’t feel like such a loner. 😉 Convinced? haha.

One of the big stories out today from Mashable is that Facebook is making huge changes to their site towards a larger, yet undetermined goal, to become your entire online experience. Here is a small blurb from one of today’s articles.

Facebook is driven by a single, unique goal. Its priority isn’t to gain more users (it already has 750 million of those), nor does it feel compelled to find stupid ways to increase pageviews. Its primary goal right now isn’t to increase revenue, either — that will come later.

No, Facebook’s goal is to become the social layer that supports, powers and connects every single piece of the web, no matter who or what it is or where it lives. On Thursday at its f8 conference in San Francisco, the world’s largest social network will take a giant leap toward accomplishing that goal.

via Prepare Yourselves: Facebook To Be Profoundly Changed.

I honestly hope that Facebook changes so much that they ruin the reason that users came in the first place. To connect with friends they know…

Having used Google+ for a couple of months now, I have to say that it is a refreshing change from the crappy ads and secretive privacy changes we’ve had to endure on Facebook.

I’ve mentioned before that Google+ seems to get social circles and that you only want to share certain things with certain people. Facebook tries to do the opposite and have you share everything with everyone unless you take the time to block people, or create lists. Not as intuitive in my opinion.

Anyway, whether it was planned or not, Google+ is now open as of today for everybody to sign up! Head over there and start sharing! I know I will being publicly posting all my blog posts there for people to read. Head on over and check out my profile…

Instagram has now been used 150,000,000 times!

I love Instagram! It is hugely popular and they just hit a milestone. In under one year people have taken over 150,000,000 photos. Holy crap!

I have done my part, and taken my fair share of them, and love how easy it is to share with friends via email, upload to popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, and easily crop and filter photos in seconds. Continue reading “Instagram has now been used 150,000,000 times!”

One of my favourite sites…Reddit

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I love the Internet. I really do. One of the biggest issues for me has been mixing my love of learning with my love of entertainment. Mindless entertainment with surprises. Like Arsenio Hall used to say, “things that make you go hmmm”…

My favourite site by far is By far. Many people I talk to have never heard of it, so I thought I would share it with you…

What is Reddit? It is a user submitted site that merges the best of forums, surfing, news, images, and advice. Continue reading “One of my favourite sites…Reddit”

How people got ‘even’ back in the day.

I saw this image the other day and thought about how much life has changed. Today, if someone pisses you off, embarrasses you, you flame it all over a forum online, post a tweet, or rage in your Facebook profile. You might text your friends about how much of an ass the person was. But, would you break out the typewriter and post a placard out in public?

Apparently there were times when you were expected to apologize? How things have changed…

How they did it back in 1839 via

Google Reader vs Twitter for news feeds

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I have been slowly deleting RSS feeds in Google Reader since getting more involved with Twitter. Twitter feeds seem to be easy to scan through, and using Hootsuite, I can have a few lists on my screen at one time. I like that. But for some reason, I always seem behind on my news. Why? Continue reading “Google Reader vs Twitter for news feeds”