Anonymous Hates Sony Too!

Anonymous #36
Image by JacobDavis via Flickr

Yesterday I posted my mini rant about how much I hate Sony Music. It was all about threatening Rocky Mountain Bikes and their decade old ‘Slayer’ free ride bike.

Well, today Anonymous took down the Playstation Network and Sony in retaliation to their attack on some ‘hackers’.

Here is the News Release by Anonymous…

It is late. I had a busy day, and I almost forgot to post today, so sorry for the short snippet!


Rocky Mountain Bikes Must Change Slayer Name thanks to “evil” Sony Music

The music industry is Satan. I hate them. Really strong words, but I can hardly think of a more greedy, and ridiculous industry.

Just the other day, I found out that Sony Music has told Rocky Mountain Bikes to stop using the name Slayer on it’s famous bike. How does the name of a Canadian bike threaten the profits of a US music company? The answer. IT DOESN’T! Continue reading “Rocky Mountain Bikes Must Change Slayer Name thanks to “evil” Sony Music”