Xenu is the secret Scientology doesn’t want out!

It has been a while since I talked about Scientology, and the infamous story of Xenu! The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard made this shit up, packaged it for a price(like any good multi-level marketing scam), and then claimed it was true. So, now it is a secret that must not get out! Too bad the Internet happened… Now Scientology is a laughing stock. It doesn’t help that Tom Cruise is one of it’s leaders! Read the whole thing! It is fucking hilarious! Continue reading “Xenu is the secret Scientology doesn’t want out!”


South Park 2008 Election Coverage

Here is a link to a bunch of short South Park videos of the 2008 US Presidential elections. They are brilliant, as per usual! Enjoy!

All the above videos, I grabbed from here

Scientology explained on South Park

I have found out that wordpress.com doesn’t currently support metacafe embedded video. You will have to click the link provided below to check out this hilarious vid! Sorry, but the extra click is well worth it!

Southpark Vs Scientology - The most amazing bloopers are here

Mac vs PC vs Linux

Here is a great spoof on the Get a Mac commercials. Enjoy…

***Unfortunately wordpress.com is blocking this embedded vid***

The Onion is one great site. I wish I had the talent to come up with some of the stories they create day in and day out. Check out this story…

You Know What’s Stupid? Everything I Don’t Understand | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source:

Kind of reminds me of another Cectic comic…


Happy Friday!!

To start, have a chuckle with the intelligent comments made in a court of law

In case you are still using the least secure internet browser, Internet Explorer, read why other browsers are a better bet. Here is a HUGE whale picture posted online. Everyone’s favorite foulmouthed cartoon characters were made on a Mac. And if you have a bit of time, enjoy watching some blue ball machines. And one of the coolest and most expensive machines just made one of the coolest and most expensive commercials. April 1st is close approaching. Try not to get duped.

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