Photo of the day July 24,2011 – Sights of summer

Today’s picture epitomises summer for me… My youngest son trying watermelon for the first time, he was lathered in sun screen, had on his sun suit and his big sun hat ready to play!

As the day moved along another staple of hot summer days came my way. Beer! Here is a picture of the tasty treat our friends John and Tanis brought me today!

Very yummy…Even Em liked it. And that’s saying something!

My favourite photo of the day was one I took after two of our kids made a sign to keep cars out of the big play area we made for the kids to run around in. Cute!

It doesn’t get more summer than having kids outside all day running through sprinklers, eating watermelon, and crashing in bed after 10 hours of fun…



Kids jumping through the sprinkler signals summer has arrived

Sprinkler fun
Image by magnusfranklin via Flickr

Today I had the boys outside playing soccer with our mini nets! They love having a game of kids vs me. With all the buzz around the house trying to clean and prepare for the wedding, I spent far too much time in the house. They kept coming in asking when I could come out and play. Finally, after getting the baby to sleep for a nap, I came out. We had a blast. As expected, they came through in the end and beat ‘the old man’ 20-19.

I love days like today. The kids riding their bikes, trying to spray birds with the hose, spying on the neighbourhood with the binoculars, playing soccer on the freshly mowed lawn,  the baby having an outdoor bath in the Rubbermaid, and then sitting at the picnic table eating freshly cut watermelon. To top off our evening, I brought out the sprinkler! They jumped around so excited, like they had just arrived at the fair!

Today wasn’t the warmest day(probably 18 celcius), but they ran through the sprinkler for 1/2 an hour. Even our little 1 year old was curious about it.

To me, kids laughing and running through the sprinkler is the signal that summer has arrived. Forget the official date on the calendar, there is hardly a more summertime moment than kids jumping, laughing and playing in the water.

Through all the stress of planning this wedding, trying to maintain a busy house, and juggling the needs of 3 kids at distinctly different ages, nothing makes me happier to be a dad than seeing my kids having so much fun…I love it.