Star Wars: Death Star Costs $15.6 Septillion, 1.4 Trillion Times the US Debt

It has been a relatively boring week in the news. It has been fun howerevr watching all the massive corporations coming out and saying that they are selling some of their private jets and helicoptors. That will make all the difference!

If you think the US debt and our current economic problems are big, then you never had to finance the building of the Death Star! Gizmodo has a fun page on a break down of the cost of making it. People with far too much time on their hands…

[From Star Wars: Death Star Costs $15.6 Septillion, 1.4 Trillion Times the US Debt]

And to ‘borrow’ a page element from Gizmodo, here is a funny Youtube video
of a Darth Vader comedy sketch. I think I have posted it before, but it made me laugh once again, so here you go!!


Movie editing Magic! Star Wars vs. Star Trek!

I was never a big fan of the original Star Trek, but I used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation once in a while. Quite a good show. It seemed much more realistic that Captain Kirk…

I was much more of a Star Wars fan! I loved Darth Vader, the X-wing fighter, etc…So it will come as no surpise that I love this short “movie” entitled “Star Trek vs Star Wars: The Final Battle.” You will enjoy it too, you nerds…

Star Wars and 911

Star Wars rocks.
From comes a story about Iraq and what Noam Chomsky thinks about the situation.

American politicians are regularly asked what they think the best option is for Iraq. As Chomsky bluntly states, aggressors have no rights. Our occupation is criminal. What Americans want for Iraq is irrelevant.

Noam Chomsky: Why Don’t We Ask What’s Best For the Iraqis? [VIDEO] | Video | AlterNet:

And if you think that 911 is there to help you sort out your food order at the Burger Kink, then this video is for you…

Star Wars ‘Cops’

This is a surpisingly well done video of Imperial Troopers, Cops style.

Found on

This girl is channelling something…

Holy crap!!! That was just like the exorcist!

Our friend Dave came over this weekend, and part of the fun was watching Star Wars again! I may have had a few beers, but I don’t remember this scene!!