Postaday2011 Challenge accepted and now complete!

Happy new year
Image by bupowski via Flickr

Well, today is the final day of the 2011 Postaday Challenge! I made it… 🙂

Here are the stats for this last year.

My site traffic increased by 200%! I got almost 50,000 unique visitors and the trend for the last 3 months shows almost 5500 visitors/month currently! Though I never expect my site to be big, I sure like seeing constant visitors and regular comment. Thank you for coming back over and over again and being brave enough to leave comments!

One of the points of the Postaday challenge was to obviously post every day. One thing that I didn’t think of was simply making it to 365 posts. I looked back and I completed 374 posts in 2011. Since starting to blog I have completed 793 blog posts. Doing the math, that means that this year alone I’ve done 47% of all my blogging, and I started in 2007!

If I look at my visitors, I’ve had 71% of my all time traffic to the site in 2011 too. Meaning, the more I post, the more visitors the site will get! Who knew? lol.

Have a Happy New Year! See you back in 2012.


Unemployment rates are higher than you think…

Most people don’t care about statistics, and how numbers are calculated. What we all remember about stats is a final number. Case in point. The September 11th attack. Some people still remember that 50,000 were killed. Estimates came in at the time around 11,000 to 14,000. Even more people remember that around 5,000 were killed. The official casuality total was 2,974. (source. wikipedia) Bad, but not nearly as bad as what most people thought, or still think.

So, when you see that the unemployment rate is 7.2%, and you hear that the unemployment rate during the depression was 25%, you come to the quick conclussion that everything is OK. Or, have you not been given all the information? Here is a picture mapping out the contradictions on unemployment rates.
(picture source)

Ya, we’re fucked!