Steve Jobs died today. I feel sad about it.

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Steve Jobs died today after what most assume was a long bout with cancer.

I’m sad about it because though I didn’t like the direction Apple was going with their controls over their user experience, Steve Jobs changed the face of personal computing. Not only once, but multiple times. From the first consumer computer to the iPod, iPhone and finally the iPad, he was a visionary. And, no one could sell a product like him. His keynote presentations were so good, that I can say they are the only corporate presentations I have ever wanted to watch!

He really got my attention around the time the iPod was starting to make a splash. I was getting sick of Windows XP, and digital music was making it in the mainstream. Apple had launched the iMac G5, and I took the plunge and switched from Windows. It was a perfect time to do it too, because OSX was vastly superior to XP.

Thank you Steve Jobs for making computing fun again! Sad to see him go.


Is Apple going to die now that Steve Jobs has resigned?

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Today Steve Jobs submitted his resignation to the Apple Board of Directors and has officially stepped down as CEO of Apple. In the tech world, this is a huge story. Just like the day that Bill Gates left Microsoft.

How will Apple fair now that their founder is moving into the background? Continue reading “Is Apple going to die now that Steve Jobs has resigned?”

Think you own your Apple computer? Think again…

Last week I brought my dead MacBook Air laptop into an “authorized Apple dealer” for repair. Before I get too far into today’s rambling, let me say that Ultimac Technologies in Duncan are nice guys. They are caught in the middle here…

They called me back in a day to inform me that my hard drive was dead. They could only get a new one directly from Apple, due to some proprietary connector that only Apple has. Of course( hear the sarcasm…). Damn you Apple.

Anyhow, a new hard drive was almost $250 with tax. That’s for a puny 80Gb. Double damn you Apple! I envision Steve Jobs rubbing his hands together laughing like Dr. Evil every time I come into contact with his products. Mwehahahahaha. One Meeeellion Dollars…

I authorized the repair (as I was well past the warranty period) and waited for the call back from the repair guy to let me know when it was ready.

Conveniently my fiancee ( who is the user of said MacBook Air) was in town and could pick it up. So I called Ultimac to see if it was ready. The repair guy said he was just trying to transfer the data from the old drive to the new one,¬† then “would be sending the dead hard drive back to Apple”…

Hold on. What did you say? Send my hard drive back to Apple? Why?

I was then told that Apple makes their authorized dealers return all the parts back to them when they complete a repair. I asked if they were sending it back to get repaired? No. They didn’t know what Apple did with the hard drive, or any other part they send back for that matter. This didn’t sit well with me…

I thought it was an Authorized Apple Dealer? Why can’t Apple trust that the dealer is buying the wholesale part without the need to present the old broken part? Does Apple not trust it’s authorized dealers?

Back to my beef. Let me set the record straight. Apple doesn’t own my computer! Or the parts inside the computer! I do. I bought the thing. Didn’t I?

I could tell the conversation was a bit uncomfortable for the staff member when I told him he was not authorized to give away one of my belongings. I got the repair ticket number and called Apple.

Even though the post is a rant at Apple, I will give them credit on their repair phone line. I only waited a few minutes to get a real live person. Once I determined that they couldn’t help me, I was offered a senior advisor to discuss this with. “Chris” listened as I discussed my concern with Apple asking for what I rightfully owned. He was friendly about it. He did say that Apple does in some cases authorize hard drives to be given back to clients because they may contain personal information. He authorized for me to keep my hard drive, which was fine and dandy. I wasn’t going to lose it on friendly employees over the phone. They truly helped me out.

They just didn’t address my real concern here, which is that I don’t own my Macbook Air. I lease the components. If I ever need to replace those pieces, all (except the hard drive when requested), are sent back to Apple. I am not suggesting that everyone be forced to keep their junkie computer parts. I am just suggesting that as a consumer, I should be given the choice whether I want to keep the part, or if the authorized repair shop send it back to Apple for R&D.


Why the Mac App Store Sucks[Lifehacker]

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Last October I wrote an article about why I was abandoning OSX on my Mac(Recommended Mac Applications and their slow death), and looking for a Linux OS as a replacement. The whole thing started with Steve Jobs announcing that the next version of OSX code named Lion, would have the exciting new Mac App Store. It was going to be much like the iOS App Store on the iPhone. I hated the idea…Hence, now I am writing this blog from my PinguyOS Linux install…Bye Bye Steve…

The new app store launched yesterday and there are many people upset about it. If you like to run beta software, do a 30 day trial of some software, looking to get a discount to upgrade an exciting app…well, you are shit out of luck…Apple wants their 30% of the developer’s sales, so you the consumer will pay…And the apps on the Mac aren’t the cute little $0.99 apps…

Today I read a great article and summary on why the new app store sucks over at Lifehacker. Check it out. It is well worth the read if you are a Mac user…

Why the Mac App Store Sucks.

Recommended Mac Applications and their slow death

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I have been using the Mac for years now, and had a Mac Stuff page on my various blogs. Seeing that the Mac is going through so many changes, and shortly there will be a locked down Mac App store, we may be going down the path of Windows and becoming a closed platform. So, I have removed my old page and decided to simply post it as a relic of the great 3rd party development that flourished over the last 5 plus years.

Recently Gizmodo wrote an article on the big problems with locking down an operating system where all the development must be approved by Apple. That includes very popular applications like bit torrent. Steve Jobs has done a great job making sure that only Safari is approved to be used on the iPhone, no porn, strict censorship(nudity, profanity, etc…), flash gone, rejection to any competitors from making apps on the iPhone platform. The list of problems with this type of platform are endless. Apple is telling you what you get to use, and making those choices for you. Shitty. Very shitty. This may very well be the only way to run a Mac in the next couple of years. I will be slowly converting over to Linux(probably Ubuntu or Mint), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still great Mac Applications out there! This list has been reposted from a couple of years ago, but all of the ones below still stand the test of time… Continue reading “Recommended Mac Applications and their slow death”