Remember the Milk gets a refresh on the iPhone! Sweet!

Remember the Milk (RTM) came out with a long overdue iPhone update today! And it is really nice. I recommend that if you haven’t signed up for RTM, you should right now! It is the best online and mobile To Do List and Task Manager out there…

I took a few minutes to do some screen shots of the refreshed interface. One of the nice new features is the ability to use a swiping gesture to go back to your main menu. All in all a very nice update. The only thing missing is Continue reading “Remember the Milk gets a refresh on the iPhone! Sweet!”


TaskRabbit makes it easier to sit on your ass all day!

Image representing Task Rabbit  as depicted in...
Image via CrunchBase

I have a fetish for online task managers. When a new one is launched, or releases a beta, I sign up right away to try it out! I’m pretty sure that trying out all these shiny new software apps reduces my productivity to zero, but now there is hope for me! Continue reading “TaskRabbit makes it easier to sit on your ass all day!”