Texas Trying to Introduce Useless Science Standards!

Oh Texas, you have given the world many things, George Bush, tasty steak, lots of rednecks, and now, potentially useless science standards. That is if the bill being proposed by Rep. Wayne Christian is passed. The bill simply allows students to get credit for a science course even if they don’t believe in the theory. Even worse, there would be no ramifications for teachers that don’t teach certain topics if they don’t believe in it. Essentially, this Christian backed bill, is trying to bring Creationism into the science classroom AGAIN, but by a different tactic. I have no problem with students not believing something they are taught. We all have to think for ourselves. The problem is that teachers would be able to substitute real science with fake crap taught at Sunday school. The student needs to understand science, and needs to answer the questions on tests correctly to get credit. I may not believe in something, but if I am being tested on it, I need to know the answer. Period.

If there is one thing we can learn from this, the religious right is still hard at work trying anything they can to teach religion in the classroom. Here is a snippet of the article posted over at richarddawkins.net. Click the link and have a good read!

Christian said he filed the bill to allow teachers to continue to teach the strengths and weaknesses of the theory of evolution.

“If students have every opportunity to learn about every idea, it empowers students to have a better ability to debate,” he said. “If they are exposed to and know the other side of things, they will be able to come back and debate that side.”

But Schafersman said scientists and science educators pushed for the weakness language to be removed because it is not based on science. He said the proposed legislation would allow educators to teach creationism, a biblical explanation of the origin of humans, if they wanted.

“That is against the law,” he said. “Every court case has said creationism is religion, and you can’t bring religion into schools.”

Schafersman said that for Texas to compete nationally and globally, the education standards must be based on “good science and not get bogged down with these religious interventions into our secular schools.” He also said that Christian doesn’t understand that all science is theoretical.

Well Said…