Because tomorrow I may forget, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Thank You Trash...
Image by Daniel Slaughter via Flickr

My friends and family(yes, all of you) are awesome. Tomorrow I get married, and as such people are coming together to have a party with us. We are both so excited.

Now that every one is here, the best part is seeing friends and family taking the stress off our shoulders and trusting that all will be fine. Actually, the best part is just seeing old friends and family again. Life is so busy for all of us!

Our wedding day will be a crazy, almost surreal day. Unfortunately it will go far too quickly and I will probably not get to talk to everyone enough.

One of my fears right now is not showing my appreciation enough for all that everyone has done for Emery and I. We will do our best to say thanks during the reception, but just in case we get distracted, I want to say it now.

I am humbled by everyone that has transformed my home into a clean, organized crash pad. If only I got married everyday! haha.

I appreciate all you’ve done to make our day a memorable one.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…