My bi-polar vacation and thoughts on productivity

I go back to work tomorrow after a hectic and fantastic two weeks off.This vacation has been the busiest, most stressful, yet most joyous, memorable vacation I think I’ve ever had!

For anyone that’s followed my blog lately, I got married last weekend. I took the week before and the week after my wedding off. How I handled the distictive differences of these weeks got me thinking about productivity. Continue reading “My bi-polar vacation and thoughts on productivity”


Could you go without computers for a week? Not me…

I will start out by saying that I will not try this experiment! No way. No how.

Stever Robbins’ recent tweet that he went a week without his cell phone or computer is mind blowing for me…There is no way that I could do this without removing myself from my job, house, life…I recall about 2 1/2 years ago I went 2 weeks without any access to a computer while on a trip to Tofino. Continue reading “Could you go without computers for a week? Not me…”

Effective Time Management [xkcd]

Sometimes productivity is all about thinking you’re productive, and sharing just how successful you are! lol

Love and Hate my ‘Book of all Things’ [GTD]

My Messy Moleskine
Image by Alexandre Dulaunoy via Flickr

A few weeks ago I decided to try something new. I set up my handy dandy Moleskine notebook as my GTD capture tool. I was inspired by reading about how great writing down my tasks would be. After reading Stever Robbins’ book ‘9 Steps to Work Less and Do More‘, and specifically his chapter on technology, I thought I would give paper based ToDo lists a shot. I understand David Allen uses paper as his capture system as well. Both these organizational leaders are far smarter than me.

How did I fair? What were my impressions? Continue reading “Love and Hate my ‘Book of all Things’ [GTD]”

When getting organized makes you waste time fixing your screw-ups

28/365: A To Do List
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I have a been working on a personal productivity project for a couple of years now. It started slowly, but I wanted to get a system of organization. Something that I could use consistently.It started with me focusing on electronic databases. Then, how to implement a good retrievable electronic document database, along with contacts, email retrieval, and all the while hoping to get at all the paper cluttering my life.

Life threw me a few curve balls though. A divorce, a new relationship, a new baby, a new career. Ouch. Did I ever need to get organized now! Continue reading “When getting organized makes you waste time fixing your screw-ups”

My GTD-Moleskine experiment. The set-up…

Moleskine Retro PDA Part1
Image by mrmole via Flickr

I have been slowly(yes,very slowly) reading Stever Robbins book, ‘9 Steps to Work Less and Do More’. Part of the book tackles our assumption the technology makes us more efficient. This is the third time in the last month that I have read about some of the inefficiencies with computers where our memory is concerned. Stever suggests doing your ToDo lists on paper and using an online calendar for tasks with a due date. Funny, though I have been using Remember the Milk as my all in one GTD and calendar solution, David Allen also eludes in his book Getting Things Done, that he uses old fashioned ‘paper’ for his lists. That’s two productivity authors that seem to think writing things down has some merit. Lifehacker also just posted an article about why we learn more effectively writing than typing. Continue reading “My GTD-Moleskine experiment. The set-up…”

How do you beat Procrastination?

Mozilla calendar
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Yesterday I mentioned that I got to Step 3 of Stever Robbin’s book ‘9 Steps to Work Less and Do More’. How did I do it? Well, I read Step 2. lol. It is all about procrastination.  Much like looking at my projects with GTD, Stever suggests breaking up larger projects that you are procrastinating on into smaller chunks. He calls them using ‘Baby Chunks’. He is quite funny. lol. You should read his book 😉 Continue reading “How do you beat Procrastination?”