Oh. Oh. Oh. A new Organization Tool to play with! Folderboy

Today I came across a post on Google+ about a new organization tool called Folderboy. I have felt a bit busy lately, and haven’t been doing many reviews. Sorry! Folderboy looks promising, so I will play with it and come back with my thoughts. In the mean time here is an intro video they posted on their site.

If you beat me to it, I would be open to someone doing a review for me and if you send it to webmaster@pakos.me, I’ll give you credit and post it on the site…


The Guru of Lists and how to make them work for you.

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To start, I am NOT the guru of lists! Now that we have that straight, I want to share some great pointers from the To-Do List Master himself, David Allen. He recently shared his thoughts on why lists are so important in getting things done, and keeping organized… Continue reading “The Guru of Lists and how to make them work for you.”