UBC study finds Christians distrust atheists as much as rapists! WTF?

I listened to this story on the CBC the other day but it took me some time to blog about it. This just blows my mind…

A UBC study has drawn some startling results finding that religious people(Christians to be precise) trust atheists about as much as sexual criminals. And in the same study they found that atheists don’t judge people’s trustworthiness based of their religious affiliation.

I don’t quite get why believers in god don’t trust atheists, but the researcher has guessed that people that think a deity looks over them and judges their behaviours can be trusted more than someone that doesn’t think a deity is looking over them.

It shocks me that people are more trusting of behaviour judged by an unseen and unproven deity, than by the laws governing our society?

Here is a summary of the article from the Vancouver Sun.

Religious believers distrust atheists more than members of other religious groups, gays and feminists, according to a new study by University of B.C. researchers.

The only group the study’s participants distrusted as much as atheists was rapists, said doctoral student Will Gervais, lead author of the study published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

via Do Christians believe in atheists? UBC study finds believers distrust atheists as much as rapists | Vancouver Sun.