My List of Wishes and Pipe Dreams for 2012

I am starting to compile some of my wishes(and pipe dreams) for 2012. Not necessarily a New Year’s Resolution as a list of stuff I hope happens or doesn’t happen in the coming year.

So without further ado, here are my top 20 wishes for 2012.

  1. That I have a healthy baby come mid March and that my wife makes it through having the baby un-scathed.
  2. That we find a perfect house to move into come March. Man, I hope so…
  3. That it is a banner year for Linux!
  4. That Remember the Milk FINALLY does an interface update! Oh, and includes location reminders from IOS 5.
  5. That my kids find better ways of getting along so I don’t go insane!
  6. That Facebook has a mass exodus and people I KNOW start to use Twitter or Google+ more.
  7. That I mountain bike on every stat holiday this coming up year! I only missed a couple in 2011. And of course ride a whole lot more!
  8. That my bike survives another year with minimal cost!
  9. That my wife gets on her new bike next year and I can go out riding with all of my family more often.
  10. That I loose 10 to 15 pounds and feel like the fit guy I did a couple of years ago.
  11. That they come up with a cheap and safe solution to male pattern baldness! lol. One can hope.
  12. That my cell phone provider lets me out of my damn contract and gives me a phone credit so I can get an Android phone and dump Apple for good!
  13. That I continue running throughout the year and break the 45 minute 10km.
  14. That there is more Occupy protests and that they result in REAL changes between the rich and poor in the world.
  15. That the USA completely changes their foreign policy and focus on the poor in their own country, and not on oil in the middle east.
  16. That I have sex more often than ever before! haha. I can wish, can’t I?
  17. That my hard drives don’t crash and my backups are up to date…
  18. That I see friends more often than I did this year, and that I keep in touch more.
  19. That Stephen Harper has a mass caucus revolt and the NDP become the ruling party.
  20. That religion slowly fades into oblivion and people start treating each other as equals based on being good to one another, rather that judging and killing in the name of their god.

Well, I’m sure there are a bunch of more important things I could have wished for, but seeing that there is no Genie in a bottle, I can change them at any time…

What do you hope for in 2012? Let me know by leaving a comment…


What the hell is this Occupy Wall Street thing?

Wall Street
Image by jpellgen via Flickr

I have not been paying too much attention to the Occupy Wall Street ‘movement’. It’s been going on since September 17th, and has now picked up a bit of steam in the States. There are now over 200 events scheduled across the US, and Canada.

I ask, what the hell is it going to do? In my opinion. Nothing.

Here’s why… Continue reading “What the hell is this Occupy Wall Street thing?”

Clemency for US death row prisoner Troy Davis denied | Amnesty International

No death penalty
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Today, up here in Canada, Stephen Harper(our northern version of George Bush) announced a huge Crime Fighting Bill. This ‘tough on crime’ stance does nothing for rehabilitation of criminals, and study after study show that locking up criminals longer does nothing to deter crime.

The CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) had Neil Boyd, the SFU Criminology Department Associate Director on today to discuss this new bill, and he thinks it is a huge waste of money, and will not make our streets safer. He goes on to say that this new bill will also take away a judge’s discretion on sentencing with a new minimum sentencing guideline.

I agree that this is a bad thing. If a judge can make an educated decision about sentencing on a case by case basis, it is much more profound than a law put into place by a bunch of politicians that have nothing to do with the case.

I think this is a step towards a criminal culture like is present in the USA. Bigger prisons to lock people up and throw away the key. I remember a couple of years ago hearing that 1% of the US population is in prison! 1%!

One other thing that really upsets me about the slow move towards heavier sentencing, is the always in the shadows debate about Capital Punishment. I hate it.

Below is a story of a man about to get executed tomorrow. Amnesty International is trying to get the death sentence stopped. They are opposed to the death penalty in all circumstances, much like me…

The State Board of Pardons and Paroles in the US state of Georgia must reconsider their decision to deny clemency for a US man facing the death penalty, Amnesty International said today after the ruling cleared the way for his execution on Wednesday.

Troy Davis was sentenced to death in 1991 for the murder of police officer Mark Allen Macphail in Savannah, Georgia.

“This is a huge setback for human rights in the USA, where a man who has been condemned under dubious evidence is to be executed by the state. Even at this late stage, the Board must reconsider its decision,” said Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General.

“The decision by Georgia’s Board of Pardons and Paroles to reject Troy Davis’ appeal for clemency is obviously at odds with their 2007 decision when they counselled against execution if there was “doubt as to the guilt of the accused””, said Salil Shetty.

The case against Troy Davis primarily rested on witness testimony. Since his 1991 trial, seven of key nine witnesses have recanted or changed their testimony, some alleging police coercion.

via Clemency for US death row prisoner Troy Davis denied | Amnesty International.

Photo of the day – Customer Service Fail

This trailer has a problem. It may look fine. It may look like it works. So what’s the problem?

The company that made it.


For full disclosure, I’ll admit that I got this trailer for free on I couldn’t believe my good fortune! Why would someone give away an almost brand new double wide Schwinn trailer? I bet they called Dorel to get a part…

That’s what has been happening to us. When we got the trailer it didn’t come with the connector part that mounts the trailer on the bike. I didn’t think much of it.

I looked up the owner’s manual that came with the trailer and the price to order it was $6.99 plus $3 shipping (to the US and Canada). I had the part number, the cost and shipping to Canada seemed reasonable! So I called the customer service line on the owner’s manual and the lady that answered started me on a month long quest that hasn’t ended.

She told me that they didn’t ship to Canada. I told her that the owner’s manual specifically stated shipped to Canada on it. She said that wasn’t the case, and gave me the phone # for Dorel, ‘their parent company’.

I’ve learned that ‘Parent Company’ means no accountability in corporate speak. Dorel told me that they didn’t deal with customers, and that I was calling their corporate headquarters and they weren’t able to get me the part. Dorel is a CANADIAN company headquartered in Quebec! Here is Dorel’s vision…”Our vision is to create the most innovative and admired company in the recreation and leisure marketplace, and to become a global leader, which is why the Dorel segment was established in the first place.” Admired? By who?

The corporate headquarters gave me a different US phone number to call.

I called this new number and they proceeded to tell me that Dorel wouldn’t let them sell the part to me in Canada due to some trade agreement. ??? WTF? Aren’t you the same company?

Yes. The same company with parts spread all over the damn place.

They gave me the phone number for Dave. Dave in Vancouver. He was the Dorel rep nearest to me. I got excited…

Until some poor lady ripped my face off for asking for Dave. I figured out right away from that response that this lady has been getting anonymous calls for Dave for quite a while and she has lost it. “Not another fucking person asking for Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. This joke has gone on far too long…”

My wife went on their Facebook page to tell our dilemma with getting this $6.99 part. A nice lady that moderates their Facebook page emailed me directly to tell me she would help. She gave me the same phone number in the US that I got a month ago.

I have made at least a dozen calls to who knows where and the summer is coming to a close. No trailer part.

I finally saw a small light at the end of the tunnel, when a ‘Customer Relations Specialist” emailed me yesterday to say she could help. I stressed that I was a Canadian and hoped that wouldn’t confuse matters and make them think I was looking for a dog sled or snow shovel.

I took pictures today and have emailed them back. They asked for the model number, but apparently Dorel has problems with putting the model number anywhere on the damn trailer visible to the naked eye…

I promise you this. If I get the SA074 Coupler, and am towing around my child, I will make sure to get a picture for all the world to see. My worry is that the kid in the trailer will be 15 years old by the time we’re through…

Oh, and NEVER, EVER buy a Schwinn trailer.


When horrible stories get tattooed in your brain

I really wished that sometimes I would write things down when I think them. What I mean is that there are times when I accurately predict a sequence of events, and kick myself for not ‘calling it’ before it happens…

After Bin Laden was killed, I thought(in my head) that there would start to be stories coming out of Pakistan of horrible things being done by ‘terrorists‘ there. Today I saw the horrible story of a 9 year old girl that was kidnapped and made to wear a suicide vest. I do think that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are getting boring for the Americans, so Pakistan is now on the list. So, here come the horrible Pakistan terrorist stories… Continue reading “When horrible stories get tattooed in your brain”

Muhammad Ali’s Great War Quote

Muhammad Ali, bust portrait / World Journal Tr...
Image via Wikipedia

I saw this on Reddit today and thought I would share it with you. With all the wars going on in the world, it is important to realize that there are plenty of things wrong right at home…Muhammad Ali was found guilty of draft dodging. Here is what he had to say about it… Continue reading “Muhammad Ali’s Great War Quote”

Wikileaks and Why People Deserve the Truth

Internationally recognized symbol.
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One thing that people can’t stand, is a liar. When a person lies to you, and you know they’ve lied,  you lose trust in them. Governments and corporations are no different!

The big Wikileaks revelations have been out for a few months now, giving the public an inside look at international diplomacy, and all the backroom dealings of governments and corporations around the world. Continue reading “Wikileaks and Why People Deserve the Truth”