Top 10 Solar System Mysteries

From comes a great breakdown of the top 10 mysteries of our solar system. I love articles like this. Does that make me a nerd? Probably…

We’ve all wondered at some point or another what mysteries our Solar System holds. After all, the eight planets (plus Pluto and all those other dwarf planets) orbit within a very small volume of the heliosphere (the volume of space dominated by the influence of the Sun), what’s going on in the rest of the volume we call our home?

[From Solar System Mysteries | Universe Today]

One of the great mysteries/questions, is whether there are aliens, and if they have visited us. I don’t believe that we are being visited by little green men, but I think there must be life elsewhere in the universe.

Here is the latest comic from, all about aliens…



The Big Bang until Now!

I hope you are all having a nice weekend so far. I know I am…

For your viewing pleasure, here is a HUGE picture of the Universe from the Big Bang until now. How can that be? Isn’t the earth only 6,000 years old, and flat?


Dinosaurs had it rough

Dinosaurs were said to have slowly died after a pretty large asteroid hit the earth. It seems that a recent bit of work on the subject has determined that the asteroid may have been half the size than originally thought. A paltry 4-6 kilometers across…I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty damn big!!!

[From “Dino Killer” Asteroid Was Half the Size Predicted?]

Another thing that appartently occurred during the Cretaceous era, was that there wasn’t a lot of cloud cover to protect the atmosphere, and reflect the sun’s energy. Temperatures rose dramatically, and it is suggested that it effected plant growth, and the whole food chain. The researchers are paticularly interested in the effects of green house gases, so we can try to fix our current global warming crisis.

[From Lack of Clouds Amplified Dino-Era Warming, Study Says]


On the other end of the spectrum was the year 1600. An eruption of a Peruvian volcano may have cooled the earth and created grave conditions for crops, with frost and famine killing plants, and may have created great social unrest.

[From “The volcano that changed the world”]

Today seems to be a busy day on the science front!

When I was a kid, I would lie on the porch at night with my sister and stare up at the stars. We would try to wrap our heads around the vastness of the universe. That it went on forever. Or does it? The Big Bang theory is kind of hard to understand, but if you have ever asked “what happened before the Big Bang”, then here is a neat story. My only question about this article, is where do you come up with the math to recreate the Big Bang and before?

[From “Did pre-big bang universe leave its mark on the sky?”]

The universe played out in less than 4 minutes.

A really cool video on the beginning and formation of the universe, all condensed down to 4 minutes. Worth a look!

Top Hubble Images & Jimmy F*cking Ben Affleck

I just love the images from the Hubble Space Telescope! The universe is beautiful. When I look at these images, it re-affirms to me that no invisible man made us. The universe is phenomenal, and though we don’t understand all there is to know about it’s origins, and makeup, these pictures help us understand it better. What they do for me is show how beautiful space really is!

The Top Ten Hubble Images of All Time – The Very Best Hubble Images | Homeboy’s Astronomy Blog:
The Vatican is taking a big step in recognizing that the earth revolves around the sun!galileo They are erecting a statue of Galileo inside the Vatican walls. Only 400 years too late, I say…

I must start watching Jimmy Kimmell. He is funny.

Jesus Christ has outsourced prayer

Jesus has outsourced prayer to a customer service associate. He was having a hard time keeping up with all the prayers coming his way. Like any good business, he has hired a associate to handle the calls. Here is the article.

I am not convinced that home schooling is better than public or private schools. There is concern that the basic facts of evolution are not being taught to home schooled children. I feel that our public schools don’t talk too much about it as well. One college professor has mentioned in the article to follow, that evolution should be introduced as early as kindergarten. I completely agree. It’s what I do in my house! Parents seem to have no problem taking their kids off to church on Sunday to be brainwashed however…

Do You Teach Your Kids About Darwin? | Geekdad from “”


Global warming is something that most scientists feel is a fact, and not up for debate. All the news broadcasters are trying to scare us that the sea levels will rise and flood the world! Well, it turns out that we may get global warming and lower sea levels. Long term trends are showing that the sea levels are dropping, and all those pricey waterfront properties may be stranded in land some time in the future. Now I understand why it makes the news…Read on…

Have you ever wondered if the Universe is infinite? Me too…I can’t quite wrap my head around it, and this article doesn’t help me much…Interesting though!

Lastly, the Universe’s age is getting more and more accurate. It seems to be about 13.73 billion years old. +/-.12 billion years. Close enough:)