Simple and Clean, just launched a Beautiful Upgrade…

About a week ago I asked you what text editor you prefer to write with. As a blogger I prefer to use either VIM or I blow up my WordPress editor. But the WordPress editor was a bit to be desired. It was still quite cluttered. I mentioned an online writing tool called PenZen that took away the clutter so you can get down to writing. Continue reading “Simple and Clean, just launched a Beautiful Upgrade…”


What text editor do you use to write?

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I read an interesting article today about a new text editor called PenZen. It is a distraction free online text editor that lets you get down to the business of writing.

It got me thinking about a theme I notice about what people seem to want when they write. No distractions. We all want the ability to put our thoughts together. But computers fail at this miserably. “In the old days” there were no popups, the ability to check your email 100 times, switch windows to see what’s hot on Reddit. There was either a notepad to write on, or a typewriter. What did these mediums have that computers don’t? Continue reading “What text editor do you use to write?”

Do you use text editors? I LOVE them

Vim (text editor) in a terminal emulator, with...
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I have a small secret I want to share with you. I absolutely love text editors and fixed width fonts. I am a nerd. I fully admit it and I  really don’t know why I love them so much. It is probably a reminant of my first experience with computers back in the 80’s. My parents bought me a Commodore 64. I played some of the games, but tried to program on the command line. To this day wish I had joined some sort of computer club and kept up with it. I’d probably be a millionaire…

Later on I used Pine as my first e-mail application. One of the first things I install on any computer is Alpine. I just love it…It’s fast, efficient, and there is no clutter or advertising, and uses very little system resources.

When I converted over to OSX, I messed around in Terminal and took an online course to learn vi(vim). I fell in love with it. I use vi all the time to write notes, to amend system files and preferences.  I also use it when I get the urge to learn programming. I used it when I took a couple of courses on HTML and Perl. As an aside, if you have Terminal on your system, type in vimtutor and take the beginners course.

There is a MASSIVE online debate on the best text editors. I warn you to never get into a debate with someone about whether vi or Emacs are the best. It is much like a debate on which came first, the chicken or the egg. It eventually degrades into a flame war. People get hurt, and some even cry.

Here is a great list of tons of various text editors that run in the graphical and text based interfaces.

Sadly text editors are becoming a thing of the past. Or, should I say, most people that get introduced to computers have never even heard of text editors! I would guess that many people think Word is a text editor. So, today when I read an article that you can turn your Google Chrome browser into a text editor, I thought, Cool!! Here is the link to how to do it…

Turn Google Chrome into a Text Editor with Write Space – Linux Magazine Online.

What text editor do you use? I’d love to hear! Don’t be shy, leave a comment.