My bi-polar vacation and thoughts on productivity

I go back to work tomorrow after a hectic and fantastic two weeks off.This vacation has been the busiest, most stressful, yet most joyous, memorable vacation I think I’ve ever had!

For anyone that’s followed my blog lately, I got married last weekend. I took the week before and the week after my wedding off. How I handled the distictive differences of these weeks got me thinking about productivity. Continue reading “My bi-polar vacation and thoughts on productivity”


My Bride. Looking incredibly hot…

I love this picture! I thought I’d share it with you.

It reminds me of some movie or movie genre but I can’t put my finger on it. Or something from Rob Zombie.

Any suggestions?

Our Wedding Slideshow

As more people send me pictures, I will add to it…

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My wedding experience with my Best Man

Here I sit a couple of days after marrying my beautiful bride. The house is quiet. The kids are in bed. My new wife is asleep.

I feel like I have been to the best party of my life the last 5 or 6 days. A party filled with laughter, friendships, kids, music, and family.

Looking back at this last week, I remember the stress of feeling like nothing was ready. That we hadn’t thought through the little details. Then something happened. People started showing up to help! There were so many close friends that gathered around us making our wedding the best it could possibly be. I tried to do my best to thank each of them in my wedding speech I posted on our wedding day, but saying thank you just doesn’t seem to truly convey the gratitude I feel for all they did.  Continue reading “My wedding experience with my Best Man”

Weddings and sharing photos

Today I got to look through a bunch of pictures from the wedding! I was able to import them off other people’s cameras in only a few minutes.

This got me thinking about how photos are shared today, versus how they were shared in the past, before digital photography. We had 100-150 photos in the span of 5 minutes in our computer.

In the past, if you had a wedding, and someone took pictures, the person that took the pictures would get them developed, and put them in a photo album. You may never see them!

Now they are shared online, emailed, and passed between people almost instantly.

I will try and organize the pictures and post some from the wedding soon, so my dedicated followers(all 5 of you) can see.


Together we made it through our wedding day! With loads of help!!

I am sitting here 2 hours before the wedding, sweating, nervous and completely certain that I am forgetting some majorly important detail! At this stage, To Do lists in Remember the Milk are not going to help me.

I feel like I’ve had 20 cups of coffee, eaten nothing, and time is moving incredibly fast. I will post pictures later tonight if I can, or start to flesh out a post of my experience tomorrow…

Here is a rough outline of my speech that I will probably stumble through later on…Ugh…

Wow. Today has been the most amazing experience!
Em & I want to thank you for coming to the wedding!  I’m humbed by everybody’s generousity and ability to be much more organized than Em & I are! Truth be told, that’s not hard to do if you’ve ever seen our house!
There are lots of people we want to thank! So many, that I’m going to forget some…
We are very happy to have our 3 kids Evan, Lij, and Graysen be an integral part of the wedding. We love you.
We wanted to say thank you to my mom & dad, Bonnie and Hank for the wine and their generousity.
Emery’s mom Barb for her generosity, coming over to our house more times than I can count to help with the decorations, keeping us in line, and helping manage the kids while we organized for today.
My sister Nicole, and my brother-in-law Jerrod for working for hours putting together the music for the wedding!
Emery’s sister Lindsay for coming over from Vancouver multiple times to help us out and contributing to the tunes as well!
Em’s sister-in-law Kim & brother Calen for running around, helping out with the boys, and being supportive.
A big thank you to uncle Ed for MCing the wedding, and Uncle Gordie for driving us around in his 55 Chevy,
to everyone that helped set up the hall and ceremony and to those that are going to help clean up after(anyone?).
Thank you to those that travelled from out of town. Specifically Dave for coming over from England. This meant a lot to me. Naomi for travelling from Ontario, and Cindy & Dale for driving from Sparwood with 3 kids in the back seat of their car! And lots of extended family members as well! It’s great that you are all here!
I can’t forget Jeremy for brewing the delicious beer tonight!
A big round of applause to Cheryl and Kelly and the staff of Spice of Life catering for the delicious meal, and Zoe for bartending and being our shutterbug.
Thank you Catherine for coming early and setting up appetizers.
I wanted to share with you a bit about how we met.
Em and I met in the un-romantic, stuffy world of banking. Barb suggested years ago that Em should meet someone at the bank! Em was like, NO WAY! We both worked at the Bank of Montreal in Duncan. It didn’t start all roses and sunshine. In fact it all started with a fight! Over nothing. We both realized that we cared about each other, and that we could get past the small stuff. Unlike the way a lot of couples start, we didn’t go out on dates. We had our lunch breaks at the branch. Most of the time I was on my laptop, and Em was reading the obituaries. Once we started talking again, we started realizing that we had the same um, addiction to strong coffee, and were both stuck in the grunge era. Fastforward a year, and now good friends, life took some un-expected changes and with the support of family and friends we started on the path we’re on today. Thank you everybody for helping us through our sometimes busy and unorganized life! It is fun, full of kids and the most un-expected and best thing to ever happened to us.
Everyone have a good time tonight, find a safe way home, and if you can’t, come crash in a tent at our house. The only thing I ask is that you enjoy yourself, and dance, dance, dance!
Thank you!

Because tomorrow I may forget, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Thank You Trash...
Image by Daniel Slaughter via Flickr

My friends and family(yes, all of you) are awesome. Tomorrow I get married, and as such people are coming together to have a party with us. We are both so excited.

Now that every one is here, the best part is seeing friends and family taking the stress off our shoulders and trusting that all will be fine. Actually, the best part is just seeing old friends and family again. Life is so busy for all of us!

Our wedding day will be a crazy, almost surreal day. Unfortunately it will go far too quickly and I will probably not get to talk to everyone enough.

One of my fears right now is not showing my appreciation enough for all that everyone has done for Emery and I. We will do our best to say thanks during the reception, but just in case we get distracted, I want to say it now.

I am humbled by everyone that has transformed my home into a clean, organized crash pad. If only I got married everyday! haha.

I appreciate all you’ve done to make our day a memorable one.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…