Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

The image is of my oldest son, nine at the time, out at dusk swimming and exploring in the ocean. We all have places we go that offer us a break from the world and people around us. For him it is often the water. For me, it is often the mountains.

Solitary = calm


Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

How does one represent ‘everyday life’ in a picture and make it exciting? I always ponder this question whenever I post a picture on my blog.

I’ve thought about what I like, and what makes me smile when I look at pictures. Outside of the obvious wow factor that some photographs generate, I find myself looking back over my life and that of my wife and kids by checking out photos of the places we’ve been, or the gatherings we’ve attended.

I typically enjoy the mundane, boring photos of my family. They generate the majority of my feelings and memories I cherish. So, when trying to pick the image for this post, it took me some time to give you this…

It makes me smile, it brings back a fond day we recently spent as a family, and I hope that we can look at this picture in the future, and think that it was just another photo of our “everyday life”…


Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far


This weekend, after many many weeks of heat and laziness on my part, I was able to get out for a desperately needed mountain bike ride!

One of the best parts of living in a place with lots of mountains and trees, is the ability to explore to my heart’s content. On this particular ride, I followed one of the local maps and made a horrible assumption…  Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit

Do you see that look? It is my toddler being fun loving, and free spirited! He’s two, and so full of life! He wakes up most days running and excited to get out and explore! I’d like to take credit for his curious outlook on the world, but I think I have someone else to blame…

His mom. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban – Ur A Plant


Last night my wife and I had our first date out in a VERY long time! We went out for dinner to our favourite sushi restaurant, then went to the movies. After the show, as we were getting back into the car, I looked across my wife in the car, and saw UR A PLANT!

I loved the irony. Being told I’m a plant by Urban Planet…


Weekly Photo Challenge – Merge

We are in the middle of a heat wave. Ugh. Have i mentioned I love rain? This summer has been one of the hottest I can remember. I don’t like it, and I’m pretty sure kids don’t like the heat either…So how we beat the heat is head to the local beach by the ocean. At the park they have a kid’s water park! Fun!

The water is SO COLD! It is pumped out of the ocean and filtered. It takes a while for you to get used to the contrast between hot and cold!

I like this picture because it shows my son on the left clenching his fists out of excited anticipation for the bucket of water to soak the other kids. And, knowing him, he is cold! He knows it’s about to shock the kids. Evil grin perhaps?

The picture shows a merger of hot & cold. Water & earth. Kids merging together to get wet. And community merging together to enjoy the outdoors together! I guess the summer’s not that bad…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple – Gray

Today’s picture is of my very happy and very curious son Gray. Not only is he a love, looking for hugs, kisses, and cuddles; he transforms into a smiley, mischievous monster as he explores the world around him.

Family and friends stay glued to my wife’s Facebook status updates with all the mischief he gets into. At 2 he is already figuring out fun things like operating the espresso machine, the microwave, how to crack a dozen eggs on the kitchen floor, how to draw pretty designs in permanent marker on the tables, walls, and furniture, and how to pump out a full container of Starbucks syrup with dedication and resolve. haha.

Just the other night, while I answered the front door and talked to my neighbour for a couple of minutes, Gray found a permanent marker(how does he keep finding them???), went into the bathroom and drew all over the bathroom counter and sink, went into the kitchen and did the same on our antique table, and started on my wife’s Macbook trackpad, then peed on the floor. “Fun”, he said.

While I tried to do some damage control, he found a jar of diaper cream, stuck his hand all the way in it, then ran for it. In the panic to deal with his mess, I had forgot to lock the front door, and he made off like a bat out of hell! He was free! I got him running full tilt into the driveway.

No wonder my wife wants to go out shopping every evening when I get home! lol