I’m just not smart enough for Buddhism

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I finished reading the book, Buddhism, Plain & Simple today, and wanted to tell you what I thought about it.

When I was in university, I recall many an occasion where I would be sitting in the Pub during the day involved in conversation, and heated debates about reality, consciousness, and the big questions like eternity and mortality. There were eye-opening times for me as a young man and helped me understand the world better. It helped me question the concept of god, and embrace evolution.

This book reminded me of those times. Continue reading “I’m just not smart enough for Buddhism”


Buddhism – What I’ve learned so far

I mentioned yesterday that I picked up an interesting book my wife had in her stack of readings. It is called, Buddhism, Plain & Simple – by Steve Hagen.

I’m about half way through it, and wanted to bring up something I find to be a theme from many people I’ve talked to over my life. I have heard many times before to appreciate what I have. To not dwell on the past, but appreciate the NOW. To appreciate the things and people around you. To forgive yourself. Continue reading “Buddhism – What I’ve learned so far”