Password Security and my Dvorak keyboard

Today I was getting used to my Dvorak set up at work and noticed a small problem…

Up until today, my old machine allowed me to type in Dvorak once logged in or having unlocked my computer. During log in or while my computer was locked, it would revert to Qwerty. However the way the tech set me up this time, before I log in, I type Qwerty, but after that, I type in Dvorak including on my lock screen until I log out again.

I set up a fairly complex password based on typing a Dvorak keyboard pattern, and pretending it was in Dvorak, however I was typing in Qwerty. Lost? Let me see if I can show you my issue. If I was typing “p4ssw0rd69” on the keys in Dvorak, what I would actually be typing is “r4;;,0oh69” in Qwerty. That’s not a problem if I know I’m in Qwerty on my lock screen. I just type the Dvorak pattern and don’t even need to know what the actual password is.

Except if when I lock my computer now, I am still typing in Dvorak, and now have to type the Qwerty pattern in Dvorak. The opposite! The Qwerty pattern for “p4ssw0rd69″ in Dvorak is ‘l4oo,0pe69”, which isn’t the password. I don’t remember where the Qwerty keys are any more and my keyboard is mapped in Dvorak, so I’ve had to physically look at a Qwerty keyboard on my iPhone to re-learn where all the symbols are.

I’ve already screwed up once and got locked out of my workstation. I almost screwed it up again, and hit the power button to save face twice! As the day progressed I got the Qwerty pattern memorized. What a pain!

I think I’m going to have to set up a password that deviates the least from the two typing formats. You know, lots of numbers, upper row symbols and very few letters.

Lets hope the tech doesn’t change it back again! haha.


Should there be Mandatory Computer Training?

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Ahh, computers. They are the way of the world these days.

I came across an alarming thing the other day that got me thinking that people should get some government funded computer training to teach them the basics. What was this alarming thing?

My mom couldn’t get to our wedding website. No big deal, right? I told her that the address was fine on the invitation, but that I would check it out on her computer on Mother’s Day. I went over, and asked her to show me what she had done. She opened up IE6(OMG!!), and her home page was set to Google. Continue reading “Should there be Mandatory Computer Training?”

Why Printer Drivers will be the Death of me…

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We are trying to get out our wedding invitations! Trying… We are so late in getting them out it may be that we send them out as an E-Invite or pretty HTML e-mail…

But, it would be nice to send out more traditional ones, so, because we don’t have a big wedding budget, we decided to go to the local crafts store, Michaels, and get a couple of boxes of invitations. The first set were only $10 a box. What a deal! Right? Continue reading “Why Printer Drivers will be the Death of me…”