It’s my WordPress Anniversary! Who knew?

Today marks a major tech milestone for me, or so my WordPress notifications have told me. It’s my 5th anniversary with! 5 long years!


Happy 5-year Anniversary
Happy 5-year Anniversary (Photo credit: kylesteed)


That’s longer than I’ve even been on Facebook!




Much like other online services (or even relationships!) we have all tried, time goes by and the appeal wears off.




I’m at a crux regarding my blog. I used to love posting interesting stuff all the time!




Seeing it’s my anniversary, maybe I’ll make more of an effort and try to post more thought provoking posts? No promises here, but I do have one post in the pipe about my experience using Todoist. You should check it out if you are searching for a ‘modern’ to-do list site…




Ta-ta for now!










Blogging Needs to be Easy. And Google+ makes it that way…

Over the years, I’ve had ebbs and flows of creativity and have ridden the waves of social media much like everyone else. In 2011 I signed up for the Post-a-Day Challenge and managed to do a blog post every day of the year. It was the most successful year for visitors I have had. But, alas, it was not sustainable… Continue reading “Blogging Needs to be Easy. And Google+ makes it that way…”

IFTTT makes your Internet experience incredible! via #wp


IFTTT   My RecipesToday I came across the most exciting thing since the Internet came into my life! It is IFTTT! What is IFTTT?

It is a service that automates many of the tasks we are just too lazy to complete, or never thought we could even do! It stands for If This Then That.

Up until today I thought it was a fancy term for automator actions that many Mac users are familiar with, but was only available for computer driven tasks. Little did I know that I am late to the game, and IFTTT is now a website (

This post is a perfect example of the power of IFTTT. I took this picture in Instagram. Because I added the hashtag #wp, IFTTT has recognized my automated task that I set up, and has posted a blog post to my blog! I’ll probably change the tag, but you get the idea!

Granted, I have come in after the fact and edited this blog post to add in my fleshed out content. But that is not the point here. If I want to take a picture in Instagram now, I have it automatically backup to Evernote and Dropbox too! And if I like it enough, I add a tag and wham, I’ve done a blog post!

The amount of ‘recipes’ available to use are mindblowing!  There are over 750 pages of actions to choose from that people have shared. You can set up your own customized IFTTT tasks, but more than likely one is already pre-saved for you to start using!

I’ve set up automated backups of all my incoming Gmail attachments(pictures, PDFs, Word Docs, etc…), to Dropbox. I’ve set up automated backups of all my blog posts from WordPress to Evernote. Well, actually I’ve played with IFTTT so much today that I think I am going to fall down on the ground laughing at how god damn cool it is!

Not only cool, but the big thing is that the site is extremely easy to use! Once you grant access to IFTTT with a couple of clicks on services like Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, you simply follow the prompts to tell the task what you want to achieve.

Ever kicked yourself for forgetting someone’s birthday? Set up a task to email them on their birthday automatically! You’ll look like a champion! You can even set up automated phone calls in those awkward moments when you wished you could get out of that conversation with your annoying neighbour! Text yourself a quick message with a tag, and IFTTT will phone you. Same goes for setting wake up calls. Set up a time for the call to happen and it does.

I could spend hours talking about all the cool stuff I found today, but do yourself a favour and go create an account at and start making the internet what it was meant to be used for. To make our life easy!

Boom! Did you hear that? That is my mind blowing up from the giddiness!

Ramblings for 2012.

I only have 2 more days of the Postaday2011 challenge! There is no doubt in my mind that I have enjoyed this experience of forcing myself to blog far more than I have ever before. And, my traffic numbers show it was a success too! I’ll post my final results at the beginning of 2012.

I have been mulling over whether I will continue to post everyday next year, and have decided that I will be scaling my posts back ever so slightly.

I have a few reasons for this.

  1. The first being that at the end of March, we are expecting a new baby! Having been through the new baby experience before, I don’t think I’ll be coherent for a couple of months! I’ll blog through out this time, but to post every day may prove to be too much.
  2. The second reason(excuse) is that we are moving at the same time as the baby is due! Double crap!
  3. And lastly, I have found that there are times during the week that I have almost nothing to say on the site. It’s most likely from lack of sleep and my brain simply turning off, but why post nothing?

I thought maybe I’d sign up for a Postaweek2012 challenge, if there is one. I could easily do that and overachieve! Don’t think that if I do sign up for a post a week, that I’ll only do that. I expect that I will continue to blog more often than that!

For those of you that had hoped that the Postaday2011 challenge would break me, and I’d just shut up and go away…too bad! lol

Postaday2011 Challenge. 8 months down, 4 to go!

Yesterday I came up to my 8th month of posting every day in 2011! I’m enjoying the experience. Here are a few things I have learned from this blogging challenge so far.

  1. Just like anything, practice makes perfect. By posting every day I seem to be able to ramble off a post in a far faster time than before! I am far less picky as to what I put out there. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I guess I’ll see…
  2. The things that I normally like to talk about aren’t necessarily the posts that get the most comments or traffic! Surprise…I don’t have the pulse of the online community. lol. There are times where I hardly post a damn thing, and it gets fantastic response…
  3. Most of my comments seem to be on my Photo of the Day posts.  People seem to like blog posts that are short and sweet. Concise content…Makes sense to me. And people like pictures.
  4. If you post every day, people start to subscribe in numbers! Before starting the challenge, I had a couple of regular subscribers, but now I have close to 30.
  5. In my stats, I’m seeing far more variety in where my links are coming from. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, as well as the Zemanta traffic. I’m also finding people are remembering my site and simply heading straight to my home page to get updates! First time since I started years ago.
  6. I now get a bit of writer’s block that I’ve never experienced before! Now that I have a daily deadline, I need to come up with something to write! That’s when by brain short circuits. In the past, I only wrote when I felt I had something to share. Now, I have a silent editor breathing down my back to hit ‘Publish’…
  7. My traffic has increased dramatically over last year! So far I’ve had 28,000 visitors in 2011. In all of 2010, I had 16,000 or so. That makes blogging much more fun when you know people are actually checking out what you have to say!

I’d love to hear from other bloggers in the challenge and how it’s going for you. Leave a comment. 🙂

Photo of the day July 8th

One of the parallel blogging challenges on during the 2011 Post-a-day and Post-a-week Challenges is a Weekly Photo Challenge. I haven’t signed on to do it, however now that I am half way through, I may need some inspiration and may turn to the Photo Challenge for ideas.

So without further ado, here is my Photo of the day…

Today was one of those perfect vacation days for me. I stayed home all day with my wife and baby. While baby slept, we had a nap together. This NEVER happens! Very romantic…

Then as the afternoon progressed, she went out to pick up our middle child and I had some time to myself to sit and reflect upon the day and enjoy something that is near and dear to my heart…

Three things coming together to create the perfect day. My wife, vacation, and good coffee…

Time to change my Blog theme again.

I’m just over 1/2 way through the postaday2011 challenge! I guess it’s time to celebrate with a new theme for the site…

I don’t think I’ve gone more than 4 months with the same theme. Damn you WordPress for releasing new themes every month or so!

With all the time you’ve saved today reading such a short post, you can leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new look. 😉

As an aside, I’ve just hit 41,000 visitors to the site. Thanks for coming back again and again!