Visualized: xkcd explains radiation. Don’t flippin’ panic already…

The danger classification sign of radioactive ...
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I am not one to panic. I suppose part of it is genetic. Baby choking? Don’t panic. About to hit a tree on my bike? Don’t panic. Most of the time it is a good thing to keep a level head, take that extra 1/2 second and think. In this way, I am much like my dad.

But some people panic at the most ridiculous things…For example, people in North America are buying iodine tablets in such high quantities that there is now a shortage. Why? Because they are panicking. Continue reading “Visualized: xkcd explains radiation. Don’t flippin’ panic already…”


Effective Time Management [xkcd]

Sometimes productivity is all about thinking you’re productive, and sharing just how successful you are! lol